Where is Funko corporate headquarters?
2802 Wetmore Avenue, Everett, WA 98201.
Where is the company incorporated?
The Company is incorporated under the laws of the State of Delaware.
When did Funko go public?
Our IPO was November 2, 2017.
What is the ticker symbol and where is the stock traded?
Our ticker symbol is FNKO and the stock trades on the Nasdaq Global Select Market.
How can I purchase Funko stock?
Funko common stock can be purchased in the open market through any registered broker.
Does Funko offer a direct stock purchase plan?
At this time, the company does not offer a direct stock purchase plan to non employees.
Who is Funko's transfer agent?
The transfer agent and registrar for our Class A common stock is Computershare Trust Company, N.A. Investors can contact Computershare via their website: www.computershare.com/investor

Telephone inquiries
+1 (877) 373-6374 (US, Canada, Puerto Rico)
+1 (781) 575-2879 (non-US)

Who should I contact with questions about my stock?
Please contact your stockbroker.
How do I transfer stock, change the address on my shareholder account, or replace a lost stock certificate?
Please contact your stockbroker.
Is Funko issuing written stock certificates with purchase of Funko shares?
We are not issuing written stock certificates.
When does the company's fiscal year end?
Our fiscal year ends December 31st.
Who is Funko's auditor?
Our auditor is Ernst & Young, LLP.
How can I obtain SEC documents, such as a prospectus, a 10-K, or a 10-Q?
SEC filings and Annual Reports can be found in the Financials section of this website. SEC filings are also available on sec.gov.
Does Funko pay a dividend?
At this time, the company does not pay a dividend.
Who should I contact regarding investor inquiries?

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